Kindness in business is not optional.


Why is it important for a digital marketing agency to bother about kindness?

Kindness in business should not be optional. 

But why? Why is it important for a digital marketing agency to bother about kindness to small businesses? Surely we’re all about social media, PPC ads, ROAS, big marketing budgets, strong coffee and table tennis in the office? 

Well. Not Norfolk Agency. We don’t believe in putting budgets before businesses and we’ll tell you why. 

In the digital marketing world, sure, we’ve got to be creative, avant-garde, on the pulse, in the mix and any other synonym you like – but at the end of the day, life revolves around marketing budgets. Or it used to. We believe that running a successful agency doesn’t mean throwing small companies with smaller pockets out of the Windows, Chrome, Firefox… (oh yes, did we forget to mention the puns?)

When you’re competing in a digital marketplace with big hitters wielding big budgets the size of Jeff Bezos’ ego, it’s easy to get lost, or not get on the train at all. Why should a digital marketing company bother to take on the small and medium sized businesses looking to get a foothold *out there* in the busy and, let’s face it, ever-shifting and complicated online marketing world? 

Through a clever blend of careful strategising, targeting and (hopefully) a bit of expertise, digital marketing agencies can turn a shoestring budget into a successful and impactful digital campaign. From a fully-fledged digital marketing campaign for brand awareness or just an astutely placed Google ad, digital marketing can mean the difference between stagnation and growth. Post-pandemic, a strong online presence and clear, authentic communication between a business and their customers is more valuable than ever.

Put simply, digital marketing is an amazingly effective way for small businesses to grow, to generate leads and to gain brand recognition through the myriad of powerful channels which their customers use daily. 

It doesn’t cost a lot to run an audit to let a business know where they sit online and where they can improve their reach and engagement with existing and potential customers. It doesn’t cost a lot to track ad campaigns and uncover the best placements for paid advertising. It doesn’t cost a lot to be kind, and just help out a bit, frankly. Instead of chasing down the big spenders, the mammoth companies where you are yet another robot fish in a digital puddle; taking on small companies and working with them from the outset to help shape, mould and inform campaigns means that you have a truly collaborative partnership. A business can start to thrive, and grow. 

We are fiercely dedicated to being an honest and hardworking agency that treats your budgets as if they were our own. We don’t care if you are a start-up or a business with a rich history, we believe all businesses should have access to great digital marketing.

We have structured ourselves to be a dedicated digital marketing agency, providing detailed digital strategies through the experience of our creative, dynamic and experienced team who work tirelessly to achieve exceptional results for each business we work with.

And we’re kind in business. Because that really does matter.