Discover how Norfolk Agency helped global software company Assetspire get the run on their competitors, significantly increase their website traffic and generate leads with new professional branding, a new website, a social media overhaul and bespoke content creation.
Assetspire, a global software company, provides their clients with data centre management support and asset management solutions through their own innovative software and partnerships.



Whoah, What’s Going on Here?

Assetspire came to us feeling like they had an outdated website with poor SEO results and an inconsistent marketing strategy. The race was on as Assetspire needed to keep up with their competitors online in an ever-growing market at a time when, commercially, they could be one of the leaders. Lead generation through their website also needed improving to continue to grow the business.

Outdated marketing materials, confused branding and messaging and no real social media presence meant that Assetspire were in danger of being left behind.

Our Mission:

This is where we came in! Norfolk Agency was tasked with overhauling Assetspire’s digital marketing activity with a comprehensive and omnichannel strategy to grow the business and improve website lead generation opportunities, while consolidating and refreshing the company’s branding and online presence.

 Our work started with an in-depth audit of Assetspire’s existing marketing and results with our findings published in a comprehensive strategy report which included a competitor analysis of 5 identified key competitors operating in the same industry.

We uncovered precisely where Assetspire faced their biggest challenges and identified areas for improvement, including:

  • Website issues, including poor SEO performance and patchy content.
  • Inconsistent brand messaging and little or no social media presence compared with the company’s main competitors.
  • Paid ads with low conversions and Click Through Rate and a high Cost Per Click and CPM.


Yessss! Within two weeks of launching the new website, Assetspire had three well-qualified leads and positive comments about the new branding and clear website as well as impressive improvements across social media reach and engagement.

  • Brand new website design, with clear navigation and improved SEO scores through our extensive keyword research.
  • New, bespoke content and a logo redesign for a sharp, professional look.
  • Ad strategy to grow brand awareness through paid social media ads, Google ads and targeted PPC with clear, call-to-action messaging.
  • Creation of new sales materials, including a comprehensive, bespoke pitching document for new business leads.
  • Overhaul of social media – LinkedIn was identified as a key target, with satellite activity across other platforms. 
  • Introducing consistent branding, messaging and content across all areas and communications.


I would recommend any company looking to use an outsource digital marketing agency to pay for an audit of current position and competitors in your space. The information we learned from this exercise was more in depth, extremely well laid out and enabled us to plan a strategy to out perform our competitors. Small local business with exceptional service and excellent value for money.

Steve, Assetspire

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