Content Marketing.

Content is still king​!

Isn't it old?

When talking about email marketing and content, it is frequently seen as an old fashioned form of digital marketing and that’s probably understandable with all of the intelligent tracking and delivery methods available for marketers now. Often overlooked, email is rarely the first port of call when our peers create marketing strategies, if it makes the cut at all. Whilst it may not be as sexy as programmatic display advertising or as clever as social retargeting campaigns, the ROI and conversion rates can be significantly higher than most other channels. In fact, 59% of marketers cite email as their NUMBER ONE source of ROI.

Not only can email marketing be a fantastic form of increasing sales, it can also be a brilliant way to not only acquire new customers but help retain your existing customers. With many of us receiving emails directly to our mobile devices, it is no surprise that email open rates on average are 23%. If you have a database of email addresses that you are not leveraging (legally) with a thorough marketing plan then you are missing out on potential sales and leads.

MailChimp Email

Email Automation.

When we talk about email marketing we aren’t just talking about the weekly newsletters that everyone sends out (although we do these too) but we are also talking about email automation.

Email automation is the process of sending a series of emails to a user based on actions they have performed. For example, if someone registers for a webinar, you may wish to create a sequence of emails to encourage them to purchase from you.

Often these email sequences are triggered by a user entering into a funnel where they have submitted their details. This is typical of those who sell higher value items and products such as ClickFunnels, Active Campaign and Groove Funnels come into play.

Funnel Creation.

Funnels currently seem to be having a moment in the spotlight. They are simply a series of pages that users go through leading to a final action that you wish them to take.  So if you had an expensive course to sell, a user maybe unlikely to buy on the first page, so you create content that is free and gives them a glimpse of what they could learn on the full course. Then on the next page they could register for a free course (here you capture their email address for the email sequence) and then take them through to the final purchase page.

The creation of these flows can be very powerful allowing you to engage with the user and encouraging them to purchase without having to physical speak to them.

Email Marketing

Blog Creation.

When it comes to writing blog articles, we also start with a bit of keyword research to make sure the content not only is relevant and useful to the reader but also has the best possible chance of performing. Building the content, adding stunning images and uploading to the website is only part of the blog creation journey. We also market the blog piece across social media and email channels, to give the article an influx of readers.  That not only increases the possibility of sharing the article amongst their peers but also page popularity is one of the many ranking factors for Google.

Not only are blogs like this uploaded to a business website but LinkedIn also has the ability to create detailed articles as opposed to the typical short posts common on the channel. The advantage of an article directly on LinkedIn is that on a professional social channel, sharing is seamless and can be wider reaching than a simple blog post linking back to a website article. If you would like to know more about our LinkedIn marketing visit our social media marketing page and our paid social media advertising page.

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