Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

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Many people have heard SEO and know that it is basically about driving traffic to your website, well CRO is about converting that traffic. Conversion rate optimisation is exactly how it sounds, it is about optimizing your website to improve the number of sales or leads it makes. It is all about making your website work harder.

If you wanted any proof on the impact of CRO, check out this blog by Neil Patel (here) that lists 100 examples of CRO improvements that have had HUGE impacts for their websites. There’s not a website out there that wouldn’t benefit from a series of tests and analytics to try and improve its conversion rate.

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Audit & Analysis.

To understand where your website could be improved, why not have a CRO audit conducted? We’ll use a number of analytics tools to not only assess how your website is performing but also view actual recordings and heatmaps of your website. This will allow us to understand the friction points of your customer journey from landing on your website to completing a purchase/lead. Once we have identified the next steps, we’ll install A/B software to allow us to make changes to your website that only a percentage of your website traffic see. From here we’ll be able to assess which changes have had a positive impact on the conversion rate and make those changes across the entire website to get more out of your traffic. To install A/B software can be difficult depending upon your setup so do get in touch to ensure we can launch a CRO audit and improvements. As a matter of course, we build ALL of our websites with this in mind so any website we build can have a CRO audit and improvement process conducted on it. If you are looking to improve your website, then get in touch.

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SEO & CRO go hand in hand, by improving the conversion rate of your website you are also improving your organic rankings however there are many other elements to SEO than conversion. SEO, search engine optimisation, is the practice of tailoring your website to help rank for particular search terms and keywords to increase your visibility and traffic. To learn more about our approaches to SEO visit our Search Engine Optimisation.