Funnel Creation.

In with the new.

The new buzz.

Funnels seem to be having a moment in the spotlight. Funnels are a series of pages that users are lead through to complete a final action such as a purchase. They are becoming increasingly popular and are often started with an ad on Facebook and Instagram leading users to a landing page to fill in their details for something free or very discounted. For this reason funnel creations go hand in hand with email automation as both often start with details being shared.

Funnel Creation.

If you had a course to sell, a user maybe unlikely to buy on the first page, so you create content that is free and gives them a glimpse of what they could learn on the full course. Then on the next page they could register for a free course (here you capture their email address for the email sequence) and then take them through to the final purchase page.

The creation of these flows can be very powerful allowing you to engage with the user and encouraging them to purchase without having to physical speak to them.

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