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More than two thirds of the UK population are active on social media. If you’ve been trying to avoid social media for your business up until now then you are losing potential revenue and are at risk of your competitors overtaking you. The question is no longer are you on social media but what social media platforms are you on. HOWEVER, the average post on Facebook only reaches around 5.2% of page followers, that’s 1 in every 19 followers… enter paid social media marketing.

Social media may have once been seen as the necessary evil, investing large amounts of effort and resources for minimal returns but times have changed. 54% of social users rely on social media to research products so it really does pay (pardon the pun) to put care and consideration into your social media marketing strategy. Don’t just take our word for it, 73% of marketers claim social media marketing is effective. With all of the data available within these social ads platforms, and our expertise the targeting can be so effective that paid media quickly becomes your top performing channel.

Our Approach.

We have ran ads across every social platform and have seen some fantastic success. However, when it comes to ecommerce we have found that there are a couple of social platforms that take the crown for being the best for ROI’s for our clients. These are Facebook & Instagram, with Pinterest coming in third. Other platforms can return great results, Snapchat for low cost per swipe up and LinkedIn for reaching professionals but in our experience we have found those 2/3 the best so these are the platforms we focus on.

Our approach to running ads for any client is first to understand your ad history. Alongside analysis in the platform we also analyse the website stats to see if there has been a great improvement in traffic and sales whilst the ads have been running. We then conduct competitor analysis and show you the ads your competitors are actually running.

We then put all this into an strategy document where we explain the types of ads we plan to run, the types of audiences we plan to target and our approach.


Facebook is the powerhouse when it comes to social paid advertising. With an audience of ONE-FIFTH of the world’s entire population and a sophisticated advertising platform behind it, Facebook can produce some of the most targeted and wide-reaching campaigns around. Not only that, but there are also a vast number of advertising options and placements to choose from. You can create single video Facebook Stories that direct traffic to your website, you can opt for Instant Experiences on mobile devices that give an immersive ad experience. You can create carousel ads to showcase multiple key messages in the same ad and let Facebook’s algorithm choose the order based on performance. Whether you are looking for conversions, traffic or awareness, Facebook is really the first social media platform many businesses decide to start paid advertising on. There has never been a better time to start advertising on Facebook. For more information on creating a Facebook ad campaign visit our Facebook Advertising page.

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads


As you may be aware, Instagram has been owned by Facebook for quite some time. Whilst managing the Instagram page is still best done with the Instagram app (and not Facebook Business Manager), it is a completely different story when it comes to paid advertising. All ads on Facebook and Instagram are built and managed within Facebook’s Ad Manager inside of the Business Manager account. All ads are treated exactly the same and it is only the ad placement that differentiates ads across Instagram from ads across Facebook. If you are looking to target Instagram exclusively then we would simply remove Facebook placement options from the targeting, this can be important if you have a particular demographic to target. Through the Ads Manager, we can dynamically retarget website visitors with products they have added to basket and not purchased or create lookalikes of website purchases to reach a wider similar audience. To explore Instagram advertising, get in touch as these can be incorporated into Facebook budgets at no additional cost or ran exclusively.


Pinterest is a social media platform with a difference. Whilst users can follow brands and other users, it has become the go to space for finding inspiration whether that is garden designs or fashion styles. If you have a project to complete, Pinterest can be a great place to start for gathering ideas. Perhaps in part due to this social media functionality, users are 3 TIMES likely to conduct product research on Pinterest than any other platform. It could however also be due to the channel’s demographic, as 92% of all pins are made by women and users are twice as likely to have a high-income. Pinterest can be a very effective marketing tool so why not call the team now to start your social media campaign.

Pinterest Ads

Other Platforms.


LinkedIn has the monopoly when it comes to business social media. If you need to reach specific professionals, lets talk paid ads on LinkedIn.



With Twitter it comes down to the audience as it does have an active tech and sport audience and  does allow for more risqué advertising.



Snapchat has 69% of 13 to 17 year olds and 62% of 18 to 29 year olds. Looking to target millennials? Then Snapchat is certainly one to consider



The fastest growing social media platform at the moment, TikTok is taking the millennial audience by storm, downloaded 1 million times a month.


Ready to increase your revenue?



Multi-Ad Discount.

The majority of platforms require a similar ad, a video or image(s), so we are able to utilise the this creative across multiple social media platforms which mean we can pass these savings onto you. As a typical social media user is present on 9 platforms, it can form part of a strategic marketing strategy to create ads on multiple platforms. Why not get in touch and create a social media marketing campaign to drive your business forward. If you would like to expand your organic social, visit our Social Media Marketing page for more information.