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pay-per-click advertising.

what is it?

PPC advertising or Pay-Per-Click advertising is simply a business advertising to a selection of users and paying for every time a user clicks on an ad. It has become synonymous with Google advertising but in fact relates to any type of advertising involving paying for a click which includes the vast majority of ads platforms. In fact certain Google advertising is not actually PPC but can be done on a cost per conversion or viewable impression basis.

When someone asks us about running PPC ads, more often than not they are referring to Google Search Ads. One of the oldest paid media platforms still going strong today follows a similar premise to what it originally set out to do, when a user searches in Google for a certain keyword, give them the ad that is targeting that keyword. Whilst interfaces, capabilities and names have all changed (goodbye Adwords hello Ads), the targeting is still very similar in that you create a number of ads that are targeting a set of keywords in the hope that a user clicks on it at which point you pay. The costs of each click can vary widely especially when looking at popular single or small phases which is where you hear a number of marketers talk about long tail keywords. These types of keywords are essentially longer phrases which are more targeted and thus more likely to convert with a lower cost per click however the volume is much lower so a combination of both types of keywords is often used to get volume and clicks.

Importantly, the top Google Search Ads appear above the traditional organic search results which have often taken a lot of effect to appear on so opting for ads can save large amounts of time. With billions of searches across Google EACH DAY there is someone looking for products or services you provide so why not jump to the top of the search results page with paid advertising?

google search ads.

google display & youtube ads.

Google Display Ads are image or video ads that are promoted across the Google Display Network which is a collection of millions of websites all available to promote ads. This is different to video ads on Google which is the placement of video ads, primarily across YouTube, and the type of ad is chosen such as skippable or bumper ads (6 second non-skippable ads at the beginning of a video). Similar to Google Search Ads, the objective of the campaign can be to drive conversions or sales however with display or video advertising we have a further two options of brand awareness and brand consideration. Another difference to search ads is the delivery method, rather than a user’s search term dictating when the ad is shown, the user is targeted specifically through elements such as marital status, interests and lookalike audiences. To explore visual ads, why not get in touch now?

If you have an ecommerce store then Google Shopping Ads should be on your radar. If you’ve ever conducted a search on Google and seen a list of products along the very top of the results page, that’s Google Shopping. This type of advertising is extremely clever in that Google promotes the products to search terms that relate to the product content so rather than the business selecting the keywords to rank for, Google does this work. This does mean that the products need to be optimised for the right keywords which is where we come in with keyword research and recommendations to help the products appear for the right search terms. The setup at the beginning creating a Google Merchant Account and linking the website and Google Ads account to it can be a lengthier process than other ad setups however the results can be worth it and the on-going maintenance is often less than other channels. If you’d like to progress your ecommerce store then let’s talk about Google Shopping.

google shopping ads.

google app ads.

If there’s an app for that then there’s an ad for that. To make marketing your app easier, Google has created app ads which automatically places your ad in front of the right audience to drive either in-app actions such as revenue or app installs. You choose the budget, target cost per install, location and language then upload your creative and text and let Google do the rest! If this is something you would like to explore then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. We can help you grow your app audience and reach your business goals.

Microsoft have developed their own advertising platform to promote ads across their own search network which includes Bing, Yahoo! and AOL. Once called Bing Ads, the platform has now been rebranded to Microsoft Ads and attempts to challenge Google with many of the same advertising options. Search, display and shopping campaigns can all be created within the platform and whilst it only accounts for 11% of search queries in the UK (Google being 87.5%) they can help reach a slightly different audience. Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft Windows laptops and also Microsoft browsers Internet Explorer and Edge and as such users actually have a slightly different demographic including being older (averaging 45 years old), with 50% having a degree and the average Bing user spending 35% more on shopping online than a Google user. If you are interested in reaching a different and growing platform, contact us to create Microsoft campaigns.

microsoft (bing) ads.

reddit ads.

Reddit is a very interesting platform, almost a social network through its engagement with other users, it is a network of communities based on people’s interests where communities discuss and debate a related topic. It has been adopted strongly by the Gen Z audience of which 82% trust the platform when it comes to learning about products or brands. This community focus allows marketers to target ads to an entirely relevant community as well as focus on interests which the platform has great amounts of data around. Whilst the targeting methods are not as defined or detailed as some other platforms, the data available and community targeting do give Reddit advertising and interesting edge. If you are looking at reaching pockets of the Reddit community, why not get in touch?

Another quite unique platform, Quora is founded on the basis of QUestions OR Answers by its users. Whilst certain elements may seem similar to Google Search Ads, targeting questions that users have into a search engine, Quora can target users based on behaviour such as a users search, context such as a similar topic to what a user likes and retarget custom audiences such as website traffic or lookalikes of traffic. The ability to produce a relevant creative and non-textual ad when a user conducts a search is a fantastic proposition. Another advantage of Reddit is the backlinks it can provide to a website (an important ranking factor), when a user inputs a link to a given website this link is known as a backlink and the more relevant backlinks the better ranking (within reason) Google can give a website. With a successful ad campaign, users can start to generate their own organic posts around the brand and thus drive backlinks and traffic to the website for free. If this sounds like a platform you would like to explore, we’re happy to be involved.


multi-ad discount

There are many Pay Per Click advertising platforms beyond these listed however the above covers the vast majority of platforms relevant to the UK. With certain configuration and research requirements needed to launch a successful ad campaign similar across channels, we are able to offer particular discounts as the same work is not needed twice. If you’re looking for an omni-channel marketing strategy that incorporates multiple platforms then do get in touch and together we can take your marketing to the next level.
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