Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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What is it?

It may have worked for Costner in the late 80s classic, but sadly it is no longer a case that ‘if you build it, they will come’ in the world of website development. It is often thought that you simply build a website and customers can find you online and start spending their money with you. Whilst that premise has many elements of truth to it, you need to understand how the online world of generating customers works to realise that in practice this rarely happens.

So, for a brand new customers to find you, they may start out by conducting a search for something that you offer. Let’s say you sell dog food, a customer needs to buy food for their lovely pooch so they use a search engine, probably Google, and search for ‘buy dog food online’. Google then asks over 200+ questions to all of the websites it has reviewed and ranks them depending upon the answers it received. If you haven’t tailored your website to answer these questions correctly then Google is not going to know what search terms to rank your website for – thus you won’t appear. Ensuring your website answers these questions to the best of its ability is Search Engine Optimization. 

SEO Audit


To help you understand how your website is performing from an SEO perspective, we can conduct an analysis to test your answers to Google’s questions. We’ll use a plethora of tools to determine not only how your website is set up and performing across keywords, we’ll also highlight certain key statistics of your competitors and give you a list of actions to improve your current rankings.

Keyword Research.

We cannot talk about SEO without talking about keywords, after all, search engine optimization is about optimising your website for searches. When we conduct an audit of your website we look at all aspects of SEO and highlight the generic keyword rankings. We can also dive deeper into organic rankings looking at each page individually. We will analyse each page and highlight the keywords they are currently ranking and identify who the competitors are. We will then give suggestions on how to improve the on-page website copy to improve the keyword rankings of each individual page.

SEO Keywords
SEO Competitor Tracking

Competitor Research.

As we’ve banged on about before, we are marketers through and through. Whether we’re working for a brand or for multiple brands via an agency we have always found it important to know what you are up against because your customers will do their research before making a purchase so you should too.

We’ll identify 5 key competitors from our own research and through working directly with you and analyse their:

  • Their current marketing approach with regards to their marketing channel choices and approach to driving customers such as offers
  • SEO performance including technical setup, website speed and more
  • Top and important organic keyword rankings
  • Top paid search keywords and the estimated cost
  • Social media analysis including followers, engagement and post frequency
  • Highlight social paid ads in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter


We know what you’re thinking, you’ve done all this work, optimized the hell out of your website, why would you need a maintenance contract? Well, the forces behind Google are constantly trying to improve the search engine so it has constant small updates each year and a handful of larger core updates which impact a certain percentage of existing websites. Many of these larger updates relate to certain key changes and come with quirky names like BERT and EAT or the update itself has a name such as Panda and Penguin. Over the years websites have been devastated by these changes, especially those who have adopted black-hat SEO techniques, so staying on top of these changes can be key to maintaining your organic traffic.

GTMetrix SEO
SEO Tracking


Another key point, which was highlighted earlier, is that essentially Google is ranking you against other websites eg your competitors. With 380 new websites created every minute and existing websites carrying out their own updates, you can quickly be overtaken.

Owning a website is a bit like owning a house, you are never really finished decorating. To keep on top of your organic traffic and try to push forward reaching more customers, having an SEO maintenance package is a great way to do this. Why not get in touch to propel your organic traffic?

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