Social Media Marketing.

It’s time to get social

But why?

Social media is the daily ‘go to’ of 3.96 BILLION people, that’s around 51% of the world’s population… it is safe to say that your customers are using social media.  ALSO 71% of users who have had a positive brand experience on social media are likely to recommend it to a friend or family member, it pays to get it right.

We at Norfolk Agency are here to help you reach your audience with the right message, at the right time AND on the right platform. With experience on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, we’ll be able to create a marketing strategy that will help your brand grow on social media.

Our Approach.

There are lots of social media platforms out there that you can be active on so it’s important to choose the right ones.

Whilst we have experience managing accounts on almost all platforms, we have found the best results for ecommerce come from Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook so these are the platforms we focus on.

We’ll happily share the content across on all platforms that you are active on and engage your audience but our real expertise is across those 3 platforms.


Accounting for 55% of all social posts across the UK, Facebook is often the first port of call when it comes to social media marketing. Facebook Business Manager has been specifically created to allow multiple users and agencies to manage their brand whilst maintaining overall control. A constantly evolving platform, Facebook is the most sophisticated with regards to how a brand can operate including dynamic Facebook Shops which automatically pull products from a brand’s website. If you are to opt for only one social platform, then Facebook is likely the one to choose. Now is the perfect time to either venture in Facebook marketing or expand your current marketing approach so get in touch.

Facebook Advertising
Instagram Advertising


Instagram is the next most popular social media platform however the demographic is tailored more towards the younger generation. A very visual platform, users upload images and videos that allow their followers to like or comment. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, it utilises many of the same systems allowing for an Instagram Shop with the ability to tag products into each post then take the user to the brand’s website to complete a purchase. For retail brands, Instagram is a must have social media account as lifestyle and aspirational imagery dominates the platform. Why not enhance your Instagram marketing today?


An altogether different social media channel, rather than engaging with users on a personal level with specific posts, Pinterest is an inspiration platform where users search for specific styles and are given an endless stream of pins to browse through and save to their own boards. Through its unique structure, 47% of users actively use Pinterest to find and shop for products which makes it 3 TIMES more successful at generating sales than any other platform. That being said, there is a demographic skew with 71% of users being female so Pinterest may not be appropriate as part of a marketing strategy for all brands and businesses but should certainly make the drawing board. To take advantage of this unique social channel contact us and start your Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Advertising

Other Platforms.


LinkedIn has the monopoly when it comes to business social media. We have to consider the audience but the right message can certainly be cross posted onto LinkedIn.



Twitter is all about providing instant information and engaging with customers. For certain industries where on the minute information is key, Twitter plays a key role in the marketing.


Ready to increase your revenue?



Multi-Platform Discount.

With content relevant across multiple social media platforms, we’re able to utilise many of the scheduled posts from one platform onto another. This saves us time in researching and building more great posts which means we can pass these savings onto you! Let us take control of your social media marketing to help you reach your brand’s potential. If you would like to take your social media marketing to the next level, why not try paid advertising. You can find out more on our Paid Social Media Advertising page.