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97% of consumers go online to find a local business, if you’re not online or giving your online presence enough attention then you are missing out on opportunities. We don’t need to tell you how important it is to have a website, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page, however what we would like you to know is how we build business websites and why.

Let’s start from the beginning… a business website, also known as a brochure website, is a website that promotes a business that does not sell products directly from the website. (We build these types of websites too, ecommerce websites; if you would like to learn more visit our ecommerce website development page). If you don’t sell online then a business/brochure website is what you need.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Development.

Now we know what type of website we need, it’s time to get into the details of the build. To begin with a website is more often than not built on a platform, they can be built without a platform but it means all changes need to be made via the developer that created it and scaling can be a longer process. There are many platforms to choose from, you’ll have heard of many such as Shopify, Squarespace and Wix. The most popular platform in the world powering 35% of all websites is WordPress, which is the platform we use when building websites. We are huge advocates for WordPress for many reasons but one of which is that it is open source, this means that anyone with the capabilities can build functionality for it and with such a strong community there is often a pre-built bolt on for any functionality your website requires.

Themes & Plugins.

If you’ve heard anyone talk about WordPress you’ve probably heard them talk about themes and plugins, these are key elements to a website built on WordPress. Themes are how the website looks, you can choose a variety of free and paid themes which will dictate how the website looks, these can also be developed bespoke for your website if you have specific requirements. Plugins are essentially add-ons that give your website additional functionality such as the ability to take payments, have contact forms and implement a booking system; if you have a requirement the chances are there is a plugin already developed to serve your needs.

We know what you’re thinking, this sounds great, what’s the catch? Well there are a few things to be mindful of:

Website Build
Website Build
  • WordPress gets updated often and to ensure your plugins and theme work with the latest version of WordPress you are reliant on the developer to update them. If they do not then the plugin and/or theme may no longer work and also become a security risk to your website for hackers to penetrate
  • With so many options, it is also unlikely that your particular choice of plugins and theme have all been tested together so you can find one conflict with the other which stops the website from working so you need to test them all with each update they have. An update from one plugin can stop another plugin from working and break your website without realising, we have seen this happen
  • Plugins and themes are fantastic and how they work is to load certain code on your website, the more code you have and the type of build can slow your website down which can impact your website ranking and the experience you give your customers

Our Development.

Our approach to website development always begins with an audit. We audit your existing website through a number of tools to understand how it is performing at the moment from an SEO perspective, understanding its performance, how well the content is ranking and also from a conversion perspective. With any new website it is important to ensure the website results improve not decrease. This is why we are marketers first, it is not just how the website looks but how it performs, after all, the purpose of a website is to get more customers and sales right?

WordPress Development
Website Build

The next step is to get our designers to provide 3 homepage styles for you to choose from that all match the original discovery document you’ve completed, the audit we’ve conducted and the conversations we’ve had. Once you have chosen a design, we get to expanding that design to include templates for the other required pages which we deliver and await your feedback.

After all the designs are agreed, we build it! Now we feel it important that you are not tied to us for every change you may wish to make in the future so we build using a very user friendly builder that allows you to change text images and some style without needing a developer. When it is all built, you can then add the text and images and put your website live!

We feel that working in this way allows you not only to have a stylish website but also an SEO and marketing first website, enabling you to to get the most out of your website visitors and easily perform future website optimisations moving forward with data to support your decisions.

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Once a website has been developed and is ready to be deployed on the world wide web, you need to host it with a server that is connected to the internet so that users can view it. We are open with our hosting and maintenance packages in that you pay per hour for the amount of maintenance you require on the website, which we can help you define, and then a small amount to cover our hosting costs.


Developing a website with best practice in mind is a fantastic start to achieving your business goals digitally, however to take it to the next level and set individual website goals we would look at SEO and CRO. SEO, search engine optimisation, is the practice of tailoring your website to help rank for particular search terms and keywords to increase your visibility and traffic. CRO, conversion rate optimisation, is somewhat an element of SEO as it falls within some of the search engine ranking factors however is also a project in its own right. It is the process of adjusting your website to increase the number of sales or leads that your website produces so rather than increasing the traffic the objective is to maximise the returns from the traffic you already receive. To learn more about our approaches SEO and CRO and packages we offer, visit our Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation pages.